Bermuda Triangle Facts

The truth of the matter is that when talking about the Bermuda Triangle, it has become difficult to separate fact from fiction, myth from reality. This is because there are many stories told about the Bermuda Triangle that have some element of truth, and to this element of truth, embellishments have been added to give the story color and mystery.

As we explore the different so-called facts about the Bermuda Triangle, remember that much of the information about the Triangle is conjecture, and factually it is very difficulty to determine what is or isn’t true therefore perhaps it is best to let you decide.

The starting point of the establishment of these facts is to highlight that the Bermuda Triangle does not actually exist. There is no one physical location that you can point to and say “that is the Bermuda Triangle”.

General facts about the Bermuda triangle

First Fact : There is no one authority who can comment on the number of vessels that have disappeared and / or the number of people who were on the vessels that have disappeared. The US Coast Guard Search and Rescue division does not have records of this and there is no huge logbook recording hundreds of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

In fact, one of the key difficulties in keeping track of sea vessels in particular, is that when a vessel is overdue to port, this is recorded; but when the vessel actually arrives, this is sometimes not updated therefore there is a risk that a vessel that has been tagged as “missing” has in fact returned to port, later than expected, and everyone has gone on their merry way. There is absolutely nothing sinister here!

Second Fact : There is no evidence that any formal study has been undertaken to investigate the Bermuda Triangle. While there are records of individuals having conducted their own private investigations into the Bermuda Triangle, (and it is not clear how this was funded, what data was obtained and how it was obtained) no scientific expeditions have been recorded to date. Therefore, any data received in the context of such individual investigations needs to be weighed against the reliability of the source of such information.

The net effect of this is that there does not seem to be any factual confirmation of the Bermuda Triangle and the causes of alleged disappearances. There are many theories about the magnetic pull of the Bermuda Triangle, about how the methane gas causes fog that makes vessels disappear and seafarers become unconscious, about the 80 foot waves that are prevalent in that part of the ocean, but really, there is no scientific proof of any of the above.

Third Fact : There is a wonderful little story about how, in 1492, Christopher Columbus’ ship’s log records show that the crew saw a large ball of fire fall into the sea. It also records that the ship’s compass was erratic during that period. The story is alleged to have happened in the Bermuda Triangle when in reality, it happened just before the ship left the Canary Islands.

Fourth Fact : One of the biggest catalysts to the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle is Larry Kusche, author of The Disappearance of Flight 19 and other books about the Bermuda Triangle. While the books may be compelling works in their own right, whether they are indeed fact or fiction or a combination of both, remains unclear. What is clear is that this individual did take some creative liberties in his writing, to embellish whatever factual information was available about the Bermuda Triangle.

Fifth Fact : That there is something known as compass variation, and this variation can be as much as 20 degrees. However the location of this, known as the Agonic Line, in fact moves over time as the axis changes due to the earth’s rotation. It is not permanently located in the Bermuda Triangle, as suggested by some. Therefore the magnetic pull in the Bermuda Triangle does not actually exist.

Sixth Fact : According to the Encyclopedia Britannica : “Bermuda Triangle, section of the North Atlantic Ocean … The triangle extends roughly between latitude 25 degrees to 40 degrees N and longitude 55 to 85 degrees W and covers an area of more than 1,500,000 sq miles (3,900,000 sq km).” It is important to understand that the Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary area and therefore any reference to it is vague. It is generally said to be located between Miami, Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Bermuda.

Seventh Fact : There is no clear record of how deep the sea around the Bermuda Triangle is. While it is estimated that the Continental shelf of the Atlantic Ocean is about 200 miles deep in that area, it is estimated that depths go further than 10,000 to 18,000 feet at some parts.

Eighth Fact : The Bermuda Triangle is not actually a triangle as there is no certainty about its actual location and hence it shape remains uncertain as well. The reference to “triangle: is primarily based on the assumption of the three locations within which this “triangle” is located.


We all love mystery and the more mysterious the better. Does the Bermuda Triangle even exist or it is something that has been created through the vivid imagination of creative authors keen to set up mysteries and sell novels; or is there some element of truth in what is said about the triangle?

The reality is first, that in actuality, the Bermuda Triangle is not a physical location but an imaginary one; second that many of the alleged disappearances of air craft and sea vessels and people in the Bermuda Triangle have not been confirmed; third, that even amongst the authors who claimed to have thoroughly researched the Bermuda Triangle, there is no scientific data supporting their research.

For what it is worth, it may well be the case that the Bermuda Triangle is as fictitious as the disappearances that have taken place within it. All in all though, many individuals have derived great pleasure in reading about the Bermuda Triangle and well-regarded organizations like the National Geographic have endeavored to create a series of interesting documentaries about the Bermuda Triangle. Whether these are truth or fiction shall ultimately be left to you to decide.

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