When you hear someone mention the Bermuda Triangle, the first thing that comes to mind is mystery and the disappearance of ships and aircraft. However there is actually much more to the Bermuda Triangle than this.

When we refer to the Bermuda Triangle, which is also known as the Devil’s Triangle, geographically it refers to the imaginary triangle from the Straits of Florida, to the area of San Juan, Puerto Rico and the Bermuda islands itself.

In terms of traffic in and through this area, clearly located in the heart of sun, sea and surf haven, there is a constant stream of ship and air traffic across the Bermuda Triangle area that includes commercial and cruise ships and airlines and private aircraft as well.

The Bermuda Triangle has appeared to derive its fame, or infamy in this case, on the basis of the alleged disappearances of a variety of air and sea vessels over a period of time. While detailed research will reveal that many of the stories are unconfirmed, and the fact that many fiction writers have used the Bermuda Triangle as part of their mystery adventures thereby enhancing this “reputation”, the reality of the Bermuda Triangle’s reputation is that it creates a sense of mystery and suggestions of paranormal activity.

Historically, references suggest that approximately 50 ships and about 20 aircraft have mysteriously disappeared in this area. Some of these stories date as far back as the mid-19th century and the veracity of many of these stories are still open to debate.

Historical references include not just the disappearance of air and sea vessels but also include such vessels appearing with the entire crew vanished! For the missing vessels, the difficulty in accepting that there has been an air or sea disaster lies in the fact that there is no wreckage available, and instead, there is just emptiness. In the context of the supposedly abandoned vessels as well, the difficulty apparently lies in coming to terms with the fact that hundreds of crew can simply disappear, if indeed they have in the first instance.

The most famous of these apparent disappearances is the vanishing of Flight 19, comprising a group of five U.S. Navy bombers on a training mission. While it is clear that this incident happened, and that there is no tangible explanation for this loss of life and property, it appears that many have ridden on the coattails of this story to expand into other areas.

One of the authors responsible for the infamous reputation enjoyed by the Bermuda Triangle is George X. Sand who initiated the perception that there is paranormal activity in the Bermuda Triangle. This notion caught on with the work of Vincent Gaddis, John Wallace Spencer, Charles Berlitz and many others, all of whom suggest, via their fiction or factual writings, that the Bermuda Triangle is responsible for loss of life and vessels and that such losses are unaccounted for, and therefore of paranormal origin.

Will we know the real answer? The fact is that aircraft and seagoing vessels are lost on regularly anywhere in the world, due to malfunction, human error and natural disaster. Is there more of a risk of disappearance if you are in the Bermuda Triangle? Well, as with everything is life, we cannot really be certain, can we?

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