Map of the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle Info Map

As we explore the geography about the Bermuda Triangle, it must be remembered that in actuality, while the Bermuda islands exist and are one of the most beautiful holiday destinations on earth, the Bermuda Triangle does not really exist.

Theoretically, the Bermuda Triangle is located as an imaginary triangle between Miami, Florida; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and the Bermuda islands. There are many different maps that attempt to define the physical location of the Bermuda Triangle and while most of these maps do feature a triangle of sorts, there are those that don’t. There also remains doubt about whether the Bermuda Triangle is really a triangle and this uncertainty exists because no one has actually set the physical parameters of the Bermuda Triangle.

In addition, there is some doubt about the actual size of the Bermuda Triangle. While the basic size is based on the three locations mentioned above, for some, the Straits of Florida, the Caribbean islands and even Bahamas are included. This obviously enlarges the size of the Bermuda Triangle, and there are those who wish to take it even further by including the Azores and Gulf of Mexico as well!

Arguably, the larger the triangle, the more likely that there will be fascinating stories to tell of sea and air disappearances, and the greater the odds of suggesting some form of mystery or paranormal phenomenon!

Bermuda Triangle Info Map
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